A common failing in websites is that they become stale. It is often too difficult for the content of the site to be changed. At Sankhya Solutions, we are expert at providing you with content management facilities which allow you to control the content directly.
In eCommerce content management is particularly important for e-commerce websites. In order for such sites to operate smoothly, people within the business must be able to manage the items which appear for sale via the site. Most shop builder products provide basic facilities of this kind, but since these are very general purpose applications, this often leads to an unwieldy and inefficient solution. At Sankhya Solutions, however, we build e-commerce applications specifically tailored to our clients business.
In electronic publishing Content management makes it easy to publish electronic versions of books and magazines online. Reference titles are particularly suited to this approach. By analysing the structure of the documents you wish to publish, we can provide comprehensive search facilities on your website, allowing visitors to access your reference information in many different ways. In addition, we can provide complete editorial facilities allowing you to easily update your on-line reference books.